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What is IES

Integrated E-commerce Services is the novelty of this industry, with the joint venture of two companies, that put together all their business experience, knowledge and enthusiasm in its creation. The company is the result of a remodeled concept and vision, a futuristic approach of the industry, with a team that is fully engaged with your needs!

The motto that defines us is:
We do not promise, we make it happen!

Our business objective is to create value for our clients and companies through the use of creative, effective and tested solutions. Since its inception, the company has grown rapidly, with optimal outcomes for both its clients, employees and owners.

Our headquarters are located in Romania, with over 80 employees, who deliver their best work every single day, providing their experience, knowledge and dedication to every project. Our network extends to over 20 countries, out of which our main growth markets are currently the Norwegian, the Swedish and the Finnish markets. We understand that each market is different, thus our philosophy is to provide customized and exclusive services, in accordance with the requirements and standards of each client, in order to offer a complete and optimal range of services to better suite your needs.

Why Romania?

Simply because it provides:
  • Highly skilled labor force, at competitive prices
  • Solid knowledge in foreign languages, technology, IT, marketing, etc.
  • Highly educated and organized employees
  • Flexibility, dedication, exclusivity and experience
  • Cultural similarities with Western cultures
  • One of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe (ranking 7th in EU, with over 21 million inhabitants)
  • Stability factor in the Area – NATO & EU membership

The active countries, where we currently opperate are:

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Hungary and Lithuania.

Our Services

We do not promise, we make it happen!

Telemarketing and customer services

Marketing services

Back office services


IT services

Logistic services

Data management

CRM System

Loyalty programs

Decision support

WE USE Cutting-edge development technology


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Our business values and responds to all requests, so don't hesitate to contact us. It is our pleasure to answer provide all the information you need regarding our e-Commerce solutions.

Do you have advanced skills written and spoken in Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, German, Swedish or French?
Are you result oriented, solution and sales? Do you love to be communicative, friendly and do you like to maintain the relationship with customers and to approach new customers?

We expect you to join to our team!

Send us your resume to: careers@iesolution.com (for Romania) or to recruiting@iestech.eu (for Serbia) and we’ll contact you!
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Carpatilor Street, No. 60
Metrom Industrial Park, Brasov, Romania

Phone: +40 368 10 11 53
Fax: +40 368 10 11 53

Email: contact@iesolution.eu

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